Friday, October 15, 2010

First Blog Review Ever

User Profile : Fuuuuuuuu

Blog Name : GTL Everyday

Fuuuuuuuu's Profile Pic
What Is GTL Everyday?

GTL Everyday is a daily updated blog about just that, no matter the subject it always ties back to Gym, Tan, Laundry.  Now Tan is a bit self explanatory, so Fuuuuuuuu doesn't bother talking about tanning.  Instead Fuuuuuuuu uses precious blogging space to talk about looking good and dressing good.  Every one of Fuuuuuuuu's posts are original content, typically 150-250 words, and includes readers in the conversation.

GTL Everyday has a great simple, easy to read layout, with no clutter at all.  It makes it a quick and efficient read.  This is a great blog, and that's why yesterday's post has 128 comments.  I've been a supporter of this blog since I started blogging, and would reccomend it to anyone!

How can you get your blog reviewed?  I will review EVERY one of my supporters, In the order I first received a comment from them!  Thank You!



  1. This is a great awesome work on the reviews !

  2. This is awesome! :) I hope you review my choose your own adventure blog, I need more supporters!

  3. oh lol what the face :)) funni