Saturday, October 16, 2010

Second Blog Review

User Profile : Jackie 

Blog Name : Old and Modern Recipes

Jackie's Profile Pic

What Is Old and Modern Recipes?

Old and Modern Recipes is a daily updated blog full of recipes, everyone of which will make you hungry enough to want to fire up the stove.  Blogging space is valuable and Jackie understands this, Jackie does't waste time and space by rambling about anything.  Every one of Jackie's posts are a recipe, no rambling, no BS, just one great looking recipe after another. 

Old and Modern Recipes has a great simple, easy to read layout, with no clutter at all.  It makes it a quick and efficient read.  I would like to make special note of Jackie's "recent comments" feature, it is a rolling news feed of any new comment added to the blog.  Jackie has a great recipe blog and I would recommend it to anyone who can appreciate a great recipe!

How can you get your blog reviewed?  I will review EVERY one of my supporters, In the order I first received a comment from them!  Thank You!



  1. thanks for reviewing my blog... as soon as I rework my layout later in the day, I'll link up this great review blog on mine

  2. Awesome review, definitely a blog I'll check out

  3. I love that blog. Have a few things we're going to be making off it soon. :)

  4. jackie always has the BEST recipes going on..

  5. i like the moovie for jackie

  6. I really like Jackie's blog... he seems to liek cake...

  7. For sure I'll visit your blog on daily basic. Can't wait for new rewievs :D